M&R Capital, LLC focuses primarily on agricultural commodity markets with emphasis on livestock products. Trades are taken in live cattle, feeder cattle, and lean hogs. Scott Shepard, the trading principal, does not limit his trading exclusively to these products. He will also trade corn, soybeans, and the U.S. Dollar Index as he closely studies the relationships these products play in the livestock industry. Scott¬†gained a thorough understanding of the markets after years of experience as a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a livestock analyst with one of the largest agricultural entities in the industry, and as the director of hedging with a global meat-packing firm.¬†Scott trades long or short futures, spreads, and options. Options are typically used as a means to mitigate risks, but Scott does not limit himself as he may use options as a way to capture potential price movements in the market. In addition, Scott’s knowledge continues to grow from his global network of industry professionals that work throughout various levels in the livestock pipeline from speculators to cattle feeders.